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Monday, May 15, 2017


When I wrote this book, little did I know the about the mixed reaction of readers I would be facing. Some loved it, Some adored it and some expected more. And some called it a Bollywood IshStyle Romance. And exactly what I wanted to do with this novel. Who doesn't need that magical love in their life? 



Have you ever fallen in Love? When you know that the other person is just not right for you - yet your heart beats faster for him or her. When you know that the whole society will be against your love, yet you brave every antagonist who comes your way with all those feeling bubbling inside you. But the worst enemy of your love is you - yourself. 

Love is confusing - especially when your circumstances refuses to help you out. And Aryan suspected her for stealing something very valuable to his family - yet Love crept in his heart. I know I know, next question will be how can you love a person you don't trust. Will answer that next time. 

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Finding The Angel: Where it all Began

Have you ever seen a writer's face when they see a review on Goodreads or Amazon? I never knew the feeling till I got my very first review of Knitted Tales. Well, that is the tale for another day. One of my readers asked me why I chose a Faberge Egg as the subject of my story. Here is a small tale attached to that.

The year was 1983 (I think).

Have you seen those egg toffees in India?

They looked something like the picture on the left side of this post but more colorful. I couldn't find a more authentic pic than this. So as the tale proceeds, my two-year-old bro was crazy after these colorful eggs but we were forbidden to eat it. You would get this from the local small grocery shops at I think 12 pieces for Re.1

My mom found it out that I have bought him those eggs without asking anyone and I got all the verbal thrashing. Now my mom had a peculiar way of thrashing her kids. She would tell us stories which generally had a moral in the story. But this time she told me a love story. The love story of a Russian Czar who stole a very expensive egg for his Princess and had to face many difficulties to find the egg. It was nothing to do with my Re.1 eggs but it stayed in mind for a long time. It was such a beautiful tale. Later I realized that she was telling me a story about a Faberge Egg. The history of which I will continue in my next post. 

Thank you +Dola Basu Singh for this lovely review. You can find her review for my Finding The Angel in Goodreads 

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