Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book Review: Hearts & Hots by Ruchi Singh

Name of the Book: Hearts and Hots
Author: Ruchi Singh
Star Rating: 5 stars 
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An Introduction

A collection of short stories that touches the various phases of  romance. Love, an emotion we all have an opinion on - some call it a wastage of time while others pen poems about it. But no one can deny that it makes the world go around. Ruchi Singh has handled the different phases of love in these short stories.

Head over Heals

Made me fall in love with Ruchi Singh's writing. Very Bollywoodish. I could almost imagine Sanaa climbing the veranda to meet Aaryan. It has all the features of romance - the cuteness of the first meeting, the innocence in love, the excitement of the first kiss and the twinge of heart break.

You and Only You

The tone changes in the story. Two lovers separated due to circumstances and meet again after one of them is already married. Ms. Singh has handled the complications of relationships quite well in this one. One thing I would have wanted more, in this story in particular, is the pain. The pain of heartbreak and more than that the pain of knowing that your husband is -  (For this of course you must read the book.)

Love is Silent

This was my favorite of the lot. Love can be silent and yet very powerful.  Breaking over barrier of social norms and morality, sometimes love can be very selfish and demanding. Though I didn't understand Arjun's reaction to Anjali, yet the relationship between Arjun and Radha will steal your breath away. But here I found that  Love can be a  bit selfish too, where as in all the other stories, the generous and giving tone of love is maintained yet here, love is about getting.

A Promise Is a Promise

A very practical love story.  This is the only story which has touched how our past effects our present. Why one has to be afraid to fall in love and how we paint everyone in the same canvas, if our experience is bad. Love is Silent is my favorite of the lot but in this one Reet lodges in my heart permanently. A very strong character who knows her duties even in love.

Whole Nine Yards 

This story is all about second chance.  Overcoming cultural taboos and turning love as a gift from God. Ruchi Singh has covered all in her short stories.

Will I recommend this book:
A must read for every romance lover.

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  1. Thank you Rubina for the lovely review. You have summed up the motivation behind all the stories perfectly! Love is silent is my fav too :D

  2. Good Review. Rubina, can you review my ebook also? It's a small book of short stories. I may send you by mail.

    1. Rajiv, there is a form under the Review tab. Kindly fill that up.