Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Book Review: Fighting For Tara by Sunanda Chatterjee

Name of the Book: Fighting For Tara
Author: Sunanda Chatterjee
Star Rating: 5 stars 
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A heart touching subject 

I had read this book quite a while back but if I am to blame anyone for not writing this review, I lay the blame (gently) on the shoulders of my ....ummm kids. :D But this story had been gnawing at the back of mind and it's one of those tales which one will find hard to forget. The settings are perfect, heart touching and make you question humanity.

A child married to an old man when it was time for her to play with dolls. Instead of making a dollhouse she had to feed the baby girl, Tara.  The birth of Tara itself heralds a stream of question is Hansa's life. Can she keep her girl child? What are her priorities? Her husband's death brings on another facet of life in front of her. Widow remarriage to girl infanticide.

Why are not laws implemented?

I don't understand what our lawmakers do when such a thing happens. Just as Hansa runs away from one trouble, she lands up in a ring of prostitution. Escaping that, she finds life in another country.

Another country. Sadly, that is the truth behind our lives. Are we Indians all closing our eyes and not seeing exactly what is happening? When hundreds of children are forced into prostitution due to a few greedy pimps. Where are our lawmakers? Hansa is lucky but can others feel the do the same? Oh yeah, Fighting for Tara will bring out a few strong emotions in your heart.

Girls like Hansa 

Are not rare in any part of the world. While I understand sex education and moral science classes are very important in all schools, I think every child should be taught how to defend themselves. Hansa shows a logical  thinking process from an early age and this helps her to face many situations. Like running away from the man who wanted to marry her, running away from prostitution and ultimately fighting for the child who was the reason for her living - Tara.

Hansa gets lucky 

When she is saved by a loving childless couple. I almost pitied the mom in this case. She adopted without knowing what she was getting into. Adoption can be very complicated if secrets are kept from the adoptive parents. But do I blame Hansa for doing what she did? I don't know. Sitting in my cushioned den, it's very easy to be moralistic but a girl has got to do what she has to do to survive the odds.

Many issues raised. 

Sunanda has done a lovely job in raising many issues.  Child marriage and a girl without support once her old husband dies. If this part was taken care of India, she wouldn't  have had the need to cross the seven seas.

Neat ending 

A few questions churned within me when I probed deeper into the story. Hansa's adjustment to the western culture was almost seamless. True she was learning English for a long time but dialects? Adopting a new culture must not have been easy, especially for a girl from her background.

But keeping this one point aside, the jealousy of the mothers, the fighting spirit of Hansa and the growth of Hansa as a woman will leave a lump in your throat. It's definitely one of those books you would want to keep on your shelf for a long time.

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