Thursday, April 4, 2013

Author Interview: Willet Thomas

Willet Thomas was kind enough to pay a visit to my blog. Creating a little girl as sweet as Lil Bit must have left an impact on her life too. Read on Readers to find out about the mind and the heart of the Author who created the character of Lil Bit aka Lillian - a girl who made me smile and left me with an ache in my heart.

A Tete a Tete with Willet Thomas

1.      How did you come up with the story and the name?

My novel Raised By Hand, Lifted by the Tides started as a five page short story in a creative writing workshop. Originally, the novel was titled Low Time in Arcadia after the town my grandparents lived in and where I spent my summers as a child. I changed the name after several beta readers said they thought the name was too vague. Raised By Hand is a take on Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, where in the second chapter Pip reflects on his sister having bragged that she had brought him up “by hand.”   It also takes into account that like Pip, Lil Bit is also in the care of a woman not her mother.

2.  How long did it take for you to write Raised By Hand, Lifted by Tides: A Southern Child's Memoir?

It didn’t take long to do the first draft, about two months, but I workshopped the novel for about a year before sending it out to agents.

3.      What inspired you to write for the first time

I wrote a short essay in grade school a teacher really liked, and she put the buzz in my head that I had talent, and that I should work hard to develop it.

4.      What insecurities did you face while writing?

I’m not an English major. I got my M.A. in creative writing, so I still need to check and recheck then check again to make sure things are as right as I can get them.  But I try not to kick myself too much on this. For me, it’s all about telling a story someone will want to read and then, hopefully, feel compelled to tell their friends to read.

5.      Did you face writer's block?

I’ve never had writer’s block. I sometimes wonder at people who say they experience this on a regular basis. When I sit down and start typing, the words come to me. If I have any writing issues, it’s those times I’d prefer not to be writing but the ideas still come, and don’t write them down, I know they’ll float away.

6.      How do you relate to the protagonist? 

 I adore Lil Bit. She reminds me of my sister when she was that age, eleven to thirteen, and also, my sister’s now teenage daughter when she was that age. Both were very headstrong and fearless and whip smart. All those qualities are what I so love about Lil Bit.

7.      What would your next venture be?

I have something a little different about to come out. It’s my novel/memoir, The Art of Being Un-Wired.  It’s about a young woman’s experience after arriving in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s pretty much a “fish out of water” story.  Part chick lit, part memoir.

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